ChATs - Chief's Advisory Teams
ChATs - Chief's Advisory Teams

What is ChATs?

The ChATs program is a bold new step in community policing here in our township. Simply put, the ChATs program is an organized effort to get the citizens of Horsham more involved with their community. The most important aspect of the ChATs program is providing a framework to expand dialogue between the citizenry and the Police, Fire and Emergency Services of Horsham. This goal is accomplished by creating ChATs discussion teams within all the neighborhoods of our township.


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Horsham Chats is sponsored by the Horsham Neighbors Association,

a 501C3 non profit organization,

that provides emergency grants to our residents and guests

through out the year and also helps fund our community police program. Monetary donations are welcomed and  may be tax deductible.

Those making donations are encouraged to contact their

accountant, CPA, or tax professional to see if donating to HNA is deductible.  Donations can be made online using the Donate button below or mailed to  Horsham Neighbors Association, PO Box 621, Horsham PA 19044